January 8, 2019

Now that the Global Compact on Migration has been adopted – what’s the next step?

This is the question in the minds of many who invested time and energy to attend Migration Week in Marrakech Morocco in early December 2018

The process that led to the adaptation of the Com...

January 8, 2019

In early February (4 – 7) Citizens Continental Conference will be held in Addis Ababa, organized by the Nairobi-based organization, The Pan African Citizens Network (formerly CCPAU). The Network was established "as a critical Pan-Africanist initiative which facilitates...

January 8, 2019

This year mark the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa. The Convention was adopted by the OAU in 1969, where  46 out of the 55 AU member states have ratified it.   

2019 is a...

July 13, 2018

Last week, the African Union finalized and accepted the Moroccan initiative to establish a new African Migration Observatory, which will be based in the capital city of Rabat.

The goal of the Observatory, as stated by the Moroccan government is to “understand, anticipat...

July 6, 2018

IRIN's new Report "Destination Europe: Deportations" makes it clear that the new trend, supported by the majority of European countries, is on emphasis of returning (read deporting) migrants back to their countries of origin.

"As the EU sets new policies and makes deals...

March 14, 2018

Resettlement Not Keeping Pace With Evacuation of Refugees From Libya........read more.......

For Refugees Detained in Libya, Waiting is Not an Option.............



November 18, 2017

Africa Moves' mission is to promote African perspectives in global migration discourse.  Member organizations value more inclusive agenda of African civil society voices on global migration policy.  Read more 

September 15, 2016

Steps in the process of externalisation of border controls to Africa, from the Valletta Summit to today
ARCI - as part of a monitoring project of European and Italian externalisation policies, as well as for the continuous provision of information on the evolution of b...


African Human Mobility Review Journal  facilitate the study of all aspects (socio-economic, political, legislative and developmental) of human mobility in Africa has a Call for Papers for the online journal

For more information visit SIHMA website or email


March 21, 2016


The Call for Proposals of the programme "Engaging civil society in Pan-African issues" waslaunched on 11 March 2016, with a total available budget of EUR 20 million.


Financed under the Pan-African Programme of the European Commission, the project aims at supporting th...

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