Destination Europe: Deportations

IRIN's new Report "Destination Europe: Deportations" makes it clear that the new trend, supported by the majority of European countries, is on emphasis of returning (read deporting) migrants back to their countries of origin.

"As the EU sets new policies and makes deals with African nations to deter hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking new lives on the continent, what does it mean for sub-Saharan Africans following dreams northwards and the countries they transit through?" The report centers on the lives and journey of African migrants across the Sahara desert, challenges they face as they make their way further north. It is to be recalled that last week "Algeria has deported 13,000 sub-Saharan Africans in the past 14 months, leaving them in the desert and forcing them to walk 15 kilometres across its southern border into Niger, and it doesn’t appear the sea crossing to Europe will become more accessible again anytime soon."

Report is available here

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